We carefully grain match all our cedar boards for each sign to give you the most pleasing appearance and quality in your sign. You can even request a dark, medium or light colored cedar sign. All of the signs below have the exact same Varathane finish, it is the wood itself that gives the sign its unique color and appearance. 
V-carved sign 32"x22"  Text Only
V-carved sign 48x36" Custom graphics 
V-carved sign 32"x22"  ASW  Graphics
V-carved sign 32"x20" ASW graphics 
V-carved sign 24x14" ASW graphics 
V-carved & 2D carved sign 48x32" Custom graphics
V-carved sign 24x14" ASW graphics 
V-carved sign 32x16" with 32x5" address ASW graphics.
2D-Carved sign 24x14" ASW graphics 
V-carved sign 24x14"  Gold sparkle fill in lettering
2D-Carved  Golf Course signs. Priced per quantity and size required.
Bottom Ad sign is 24x14" 2D -Carved
What style of sign carving do you want, and what are the costs?
V-CARVED - All lettering and graphics are carved into the sign. An economical and great looking sign. (Cost $65 to $75 sq ft.)
2D-CARVED - Graphics and lettering have the background wood removed leaving them raised above the background. A bevel edge can be added to the lettering and graphics.
Sign and graphics  have a rich elegant look without the cost of 3D. (Cost $75 to $95 sq ft)
3D-CARVED - Graphics are given life like shape and texture. Graphic is above the background. Graphics can be carved as part of the sign or carved on a separate piece of material eg. Gibraltar, and then mounted to the sign. (Cost $110 to $125 sq ft.) 
To view 3D artwork for your sign click on the link ASW 3D ART.

Individual sign costs may vary depending on the amount of carving, and custom artwork required. Please contact  for a price quote for your sign
3D-Carved Insert on a 24x14"  Sign V-Carved boarder / laser engraved text
Example of a 3D-Carved cedar wheat sheaf that can be used in a sign. 
V-carved sign 36"x24" ASW graphics 
Novelty sign carving of hat racks, coat racks for bars, gifts etc. Call us with your ideas and we can make it happen.